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Tyre resources

If you have any interest in tyres, the following two sites might be of interest.

Tyre reviews is a site dedicated to finding the correct tyre for your needs, and has group tyre tests and user reviews of tyres.

Once you have found your ideal tyre, you can use a tyre price comparison site like to find the best price!

How to calculate your Fuel Usage

While most cars have on board trip computers to indicate petrol usage however these are often inaccurate. Fortunately there's an extremely simple way to accurately calculate your cars petrol usage

Tips for improving your MPG

There are many ways you can improve your cars petrol consumption (MPG) for free. Start practising these top tips today and not only will your MPG improve, but you'll probably find yourself a smoother and safer driver and your car better cared for and more

Welcome to the MPG Blog

Welcome to the MPG blog where we will try and keep you upto date with all the current fuel saving and hypermiling trends!