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How to calculate your Fuel Usage

While most cars have on board trip computers to indicate petrol usage however these are often inaccurate. Fortunately there's an extremely simple way to accurately calculate your cars petrol usage. Simply follow these steps then use our calculation function at the bottom of the page!

1. Fill your cars petrol tank up to the brim.
2. Reset your trip gauge to 0 miles
3. Drive until fuel light comes on
4. Fill the petrol tank to the brim again and record how many miles you covered and how many litres you put in.

If you want to create an excel spreadsheet to record your petrol usage you can use these formula, alternatively enter your figures to the MPG Calculator at the bottom of the page to have the site work it out for you!
Imperial MPG = Miles / (litres/4.546)
US MPG = Miles / (litres/3.79)
Litres / 100km = litres/(Miles*1.609344)*100

MPG Calculator:

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